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At Fernovo we’ve re-written the rules on online loans to create a fairer, smarter, faster proposition for you.

Out go-slow service, crazy interest rates, long application forms, and sneaky small print.

In come the best rates, a fair, transparent approach, Fernovo’s NOVOQuote™ a ‘decision engine’ that is super smart and completely unique provides you a pre-approval response in under 60 seconds and with total anonymity.

Better? You bet it is. That’s why Fernovo is the future of online loans.


Fernovo is new. New in design, new in technology, new in ideals, and new in approach. Click on over to our smart money section to see how we’re re-writing the book on financial services as you know it.

The extremely easy and user-friendly Fernovo application process, also provides you with full feedback on your application status and we provide useful advice on how to qualify for future loans and improve your credit rating.

Compare what we offer with your regular lender and we think you’ll appreciate the Fernovo difference.

Step 1

A Simple Fair & Efficient Process

Complete your application

To get to know you better and to help us make the right credit decision about your application we need you to provide us with some information about yourself.

Step 2

Credit & Affordability Checks

Credit & affordability checks

We use your information and information from credit reference agencies to automatically assess your creditworthiness and your ability to repay the loan.

Step 3

We will need your Signature


If you pass our automated checks we will present you with some electronic documents containing important information about your loan.

Step 4

Ready! As simple as that

Money in your Bank!

If you are successful, we will deposit the money straight into your bank account. This should happen within 15 minutes of us sending you an email stating your application has been approved.

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Our customer services team at our UK call centre is on hand to deal with any queries you may have. You can also access your account online 24 hours a day via desktop, mobile or tablet.

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